Our Services

WIth us you will always find a dedicated and expert partner in several business areas. We build costumized solutions to the develop your business from the start. Our experience makes us the perfect partner for you if you want to start your business in Portugal.


Accounting made to tailor the specific needs of each Client, which may include monthly reports to improve business control, budget development and analysis and support to management reports.


Continuos support to optimize the fiscal obligations of the companies with respect to the Portuguese Tax Law, promoting solutions and processes to keep tax expenses to a minimum.

Human Resources

Payroll services, with options such as social insurance calculation, include services for employees as also for subcontractos or indenpendent workers - "Recibos Verdes"

Society acts

We take care of all the steps to setup your new business:
- Articles of association;
- Filling for business name;
- Legal Registration with the public services;
- Requiremntes for the "Registo Comercial, Publicação  no DR e Inscrição" with the RNPC (National Collective Person Registry);
- Activity beggining declaration ;
- Social security resgistration.

Portugal 2020

Support to businesses who intende to take advantage with the layout of the EU finantial incentives. We support your project during all phases: conception, approval, execution and evaluation.

Finantial Consultacy

Consultancy with the aim to provide specific and taillored solutions for your business, optimizing income ratios, regarding management, fiscatlity or accountacy.

Taillored insurances

If you need insurance, we are able to offer you a solution made for your needs, in the most diverse areas: assests, personnel, life, leisure. As a taillored solution, we can offer you the most vantageous economical solution that meets exactly the level of protection you need.

Asset Management

Asset control and management in a partial outsource regime, ensuring the physical identification of the assets, their respective update regarding aquisition, selling or

Finantial / Investment assessment

We provide support to companies in every step of their growth / investment phases. From the conception, through finantial aproval with banks, implementation and ongoing evaluation.


We audit finantial sytems in place at your company, analysing past and present conditions in order to recomend the best practices or solutions to fit your business, optimizing all levels of management.

With us without limits

Together we reach farther.
Bringing together your confidence and our knowledge, we uncomplicate the progress of your business.